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You're the Reason (DVD)
Price: £5.99 including postage


Grace Outreach Church, London, presents 10 unique uplifting worship tracks all recorded live at her premises in London.







The Making of a Father (Paperback)
Price: £6.99 including postage


Founded on God's Inspiration, this book will open your eyes to His plans for fathers to be made. Page by page you will be taken on a journey along God's production line that purposefully converts 'raw males' into fatherhood.





He Came To Bless You(Paperback)
Price: £5.99 including postage


This book helps you identify where you are and provides guides on how to re-position yourself again to partake in the heaven's best for mankind. If you are kindgom minded and do not want to be short-changed in the resources of heaven for your life, this is a must read.





Understanding and Breaking Satanic Siege(Paperback)
Price: £5.99 including postage


While many Christians recognise satanic siege, not many know how to break it. The devil is employing new and far more complex ways to siege innocent lives without the victims realising. This book unmasks these cunning and complex ways. Page by page, you will see scriptural ways and tools of stopping every satanic siege.





The Unusual God(Paperback)
Price: £5.99 including postage


The last century witnessed an over abundance of feats achieved by man. It goes without saying that there is a power behind all these creative powers, an unseen hand behind invention and inventors — This is the hand of God. God is ready to perform great wonders that will confound popular opinion. Supernatural miracles in natural circumstances are being unleashed on the earth today. Get ready. It's time for the unusual!





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08.03.15: Stop Worrying, It's Time To Worship!

Bishop Paul Fadeyi



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